Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I can't think of a good title this morning. Heh.

Wendy was absolutely right in her comment yesterday about continuing to train throughout the winter to get ready for next spring's Country Music Half.

I'd like to routinely run 30 miles a week – every week – for fitness, weight loss and health. The longest week in the current training regimen is only 25, so stretching it to 30 doesn't seem like it would be too hard to achieve. It would be much, much easier if I could run these miles on my own road, instead of having to drive someplace else in order to run on a relatively flat road.

There aren't many truly flat stretches of road in this part of West Virginia.

However. When I first moved here, 10 years ago, I could run a 6.6-mile loop on my very hilly road without stopping. Of course I was a lot younger then, and a lot thinner, but I think – with some discipline – I could work my way back to doing that. I certainly have the motivation; I'd love to just walk down the driveway and start running. And I think that's what I'm going to do today. It's supposed to be an easy four-miler; if I do the 6.6-mile loop I could probably get four running miles in. Is that cheating?

I've taken the Shuffle along with me the last couple of runs. I was seriously annoyed with it Sunday, after about the sixth mile, and turned it off. But it helped keep me focused most of the time and I'll be taking it with me again this morning. I've been trying to remember how I trained the first time, and the Shuffle was a big part of the routine.

Remember how I didn't expect to lose any weight [and didn't] last winter? And remember how I was okay with that? Obviously, I'm not okay with it any more. I didn't restrict calories then as I am now. Simple physics should yield some success in this area: Burn more than you eat and you should shed some weight. It occurred to me yesterday that high humidity isn't the only factor in my having to take so many walking breaks; calorie restriction is certainly playing a role in my lack of stamina.

Yesterday I did a paltry 15 minutes on the rowing machine – paltry because I'd intended to do 30 and just got too bored to finish. But I followed that with 30 quality minutes with the weight bench and dumbbells. And 100 crunches. I was seriously tired and dripping sweat when I finished, so I know it was a productive workout. And, of all things, my triceps hurt. Those kickbacks are killer! Wonder if I'm ready for a bench dip yet – something I've never been able to do.


ws said...

I hate when I can't think of a title...

30 miles, running five days a week shouldn't be a stretch for you...I think I'd quit running if I had to drive somewhere to run.

I'm sure you can do a bench dip. Enjoy your run today - it isn't cheating.

PastaQueen said...

It's funny that you are complaining about the hills because when I was looking at some training schedules this week that include hills runs all I could think about was that there *aren't* any hills in Indianapolis. It's pretty flat around here.

Jack Sprat said...


From time to time I struggle with what I "used to be able to do" but can't right now (endure a spin class, hold a conversation in German, stay up late at a dance club, etc.). Those were all important to me at one point, but are less so right now.

With running, I suppose it can be a motivator to remember running farther and faster. I don't know. Mostly I remember how hard it was (or rather, impossible) when I was at my heaviest weight.

I'm sending you positive vibes and good wishes that you can continue to train in a way that seems worthwhile and satisfying to you. It sounds like you are really plugging away at it!


Lori said...

It's funny, I was saying yesterday that I should be on the treadmill longer or the cycle longer and I just Couldn't Do It for whatever reason. But you, Debbi, are always working at it, every day and following a plan. Unlike, some people (cough, cough). You've reminded me that I need to change the music on MY shuffle as I'm a little bit sick and tired of certain songs.

Laura N said...

Hope you had a good run today. I love your positive attitude.

On your previous post, my favorite line from American Beauty: on what Lester's fitness goal is-- "I wanna look good naked."