Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bye-bye, food blog

The astute among you will already have noticed the link to my food blog is gone, as is the blog itself. It was a two-week experiment, useful insofar as I learned my metabolism is, indeed, boots-up. The good Dr. C duly noted that I eat reasonably healthful foods in reasonable amounts; that's really why I kept the log. I'm glad to not be doing it any longer; I already log my food in CalorieKing, and it was getting kind of cumbersome to copy/paste the data from that log and then format it for the food blog.

I lifted weights yesterday. Three sets, 15 reps, eight pounds, six different moves, plus some bench work and 60 crunches. I think I'm ready to bump the weight up to 10 pounds. No other strenuous activity took place, unless you count knitting.

I had taken a donate-to-charity mitten project with me to work on over the weekend, because mittens are portable and easy. The wife of a couple we know said mittens are hard to find; she and her husband have been looking all over for them. Seems mittens these days are being made as half-mittens with a flap that you can flip back so you can use your fingers. Her husband wants plain, old-fashioned mittens. So now that the charity pair is done, I'm making a pair for him.

Before we left last Friday our neighbor came up the driveway on his four-wheeler to ask how our water was doing. He'd found a leak in our line. Bingo! We had noticed a slight reduction in water pressure, so I called the repair guys and asked to be put on the non-emergency schedule. They should be here today. Since I have to wait for them to either call or show up, I'm stuck not running this morning. Also? If something happens and they don't get the line fixed, I would be stuck not being able to shower. Not showering after a run is not a good look for me.

Meaning I'll have to do my easy three-miler later this afternoon, but probably tomorrow.

I was supposed to do 19 miles last week [also this week]; I ended up with 21.2. I should be able to match or exceed 21 this week, especially if these lovely cool mornings hang around for a while longer. And they should – it is September in the mountains in the Middle of Nowhere, after all.


ws said...

great job on the strength training. me, I'm too lazy to go to the gym so all I can manage are some push-ups.

mittens are the best (though not really for running). when they have the hook to attached them to the coat sleeve that's even better.

Lori said...

Sorry to hear about the water. It always seems like one thing or another when you live in the Middle of Nowhere (my parents just went through losing the motor to their well). I hope they come quickly so you can get a run in. It's beautiful weather on our side of the mountains.

Great job with the weights. I've been trying to do better with that.