Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A wild ride

I teach a beginning drawing class on Monday nights at a women's prison. When I left the house last night, the sky to the west was black with clouds, very ominous and threatening. The thing about the weather here in the Middle of Nowhere is that the mountains can divert storms in just about any direction. I felt pretty sure it was going to rain at my house, but that didn't necessarily mean the storm would follow me 25 miles east.

The prison compound is closed during severe thunderstorms with lightning. I was there last year when one came through, and had to stay locked down until it had passed. Fortunately, storms tend to blow right through.

By the time I got to the gate, I could barely see to drive. The rain was so heavy I couldn't open my window to identify myself to the guard and I turned around and came home. We were in the midst of a gullywasher.
gullywasher: gul•ly•wash•er [plural gul•ly•wash•ers] noun.
Definition: A heavy downpour or its runoff [informal]
I've never driven in such wild weather. The wind was fierce, wildly blowing tree limbs and leaves into the road. I've always felt safe from flooding since I live on a mountain, but that amount of rain runs right off the mountain and into the road. Two volunteer fire departments were out in different locations moving debris and directing traffic around high water.

It'll take your appetite away, that's for sure.

I woke up this morning at 5 a.m., and it was still raining, although just a steady soaker. As if we need more soaking.

I almost didn't know what to do with myself when I got home with all that extra time on my hands. We got rid of the television in the living room. To watch TV now I have to go to the second floor of the garage, which is a multipurpose office/workout/family room. I wasn't going back outside last night, so I sat down to knit for an hour, and then went to bed early.

Before I turned in, I dug around in the back of my closet for a pair of shorts I haven't worn in a long, long time.
Here's my snack-attack prevention tip du jour:

When you feel like eating mindlessly, go try on clothes.

If they're too small, you'll be motivated to skip the snack because your ultimate goal is for them to fit, right?

If they fit, you're going to be so thrilled to have a 'new' pair of shorts that you sure don't want to blow it by eating.
That's what happens to me, and I highly recommend it. I'm not sure I'll actually wear these shorts. Remember a dozen or so years ago when 'city shorts' were in style? These are red silk, pleated at the waistband and knee-length, and I used to wear them to work with a silk tank, a jacket,
hose and ballet flats. I don't think I'll be wearing them out, but they're good for gauging progress.

Knitting progress continues. I'm more than halfway finished with the front of the Shapely Tank I started a few days ago, and I've also started another top from Just One More Row Designs. I'm using a shiny pink ribbon to make something a bit dressier than the sample photo illustrates.

You start by knitting six diamond-shaped pieces of fabric separately. Then you connect them by picking up stitches along the top edge of the "V" made when you put two of them side-by-side. Eventually you'll have connected all six and you just keep moving up, shaping armholes and the neckline by eliminating or truncating the diamonds.

I made one in a blue slubby cotton a very long time ago, in a tunic length [simply add two rows of diamonds for the longer length], and just now am able to wear it again. I have a special occasion coming up in a few weeks, and this will be perfect for it.

I don't often work on two things at once, but the ribbon is too slippery to work with while reading e-mail. So I'll work on the tank at the computer, and save the ribbon project for times when I can pay close attention.

This turned out to be quite a bit longer than I'd intended. If you're still reading, thanks for putting up with my drivel!


Ms. X said...

I love the trying on clothes suggestion for those excessively snacking days! I will have to remember to do that for sure. :-)

Mar!a said...

I love the diamond sweater! I am tempted to try it. Do you think a beginner knitter could do it? I don't know what to call my skill level - I'm not exactly a beginner because I've knitted for about 30 years, I just never got any good at it. I knit scarves and other straight things!

Stretchy said...

You have your red silk shorts, I have my "army" pants from the Viet Nam era. They are probably equal to today's woman's size 2. I never wore tight clothing, so back then they fit comfy.
They are the ONLY article of clothing I kept from that time. We'd mix military clothes with crocheted vests & love beads. Funny how clothes bring back so many memories--trying to be grown up & tough, politics & women's lib, going to a party, being clueless re: a bong. ('what an ugly, cheap looking vase' I remember thinking, looking at the purple plexyglass object.)
I can get the pants on, zip them up and walk in them. I can't sit down in them very well. I'd never wear them in public anyway! But it is a miracle I can put them on-- They are a weird cut--high narrow waist-- feels like an old fashioned "no give" girdle when you have them on.

Clothes are so much more comfortable now, even underthings and high heels. we are so lucky!

I am now going to try on clothes whenever I wish to snack-thanx!

Laura Bora from Bufadora said...

That sweater is super-foxy! I can imagine it in pink with the ribbon.

My company has a showroom in Washington DC and the manager lives in Alexandria -- she said it took her 5 hours to get home last night -- yikes!

Scary stuff to drive in, I'm glad you're ok! ;)