Friday, June 30, 2006

Barbeque, anyone?

Finally – and just in time for your holiday get-together – a link to something that combines food plus knitting! [Yes, I know there are other food/knitting links, but this is unbelievable! Probably belongs on You Knit What.] If you hurry you can have it finished by the Fourth of July.

Yesterday was a productive day, as far as taking care of stuff. Got the car inspected and serviced, and had to have two tires replaced. Bought a boatload of groceries. Good thing, too, because it started storming again about an hour after I got home. We might be in the market for ark plans here in the Middle of Nowhere.

Of course we don't have it nearly as bad as those on the eastern seaboard do, and I hope those affected by the flooding and rain stay safe and dry.

I took a short walk in the morning, but not my usual four- or five-miler, thinking I'd be mowing in the afternoon. That didn't happen, so I dust- and damp-mopped, ran the sweeper and paid bills. I don't want to get in the habit of replacing intentional activity with housework or outside chores, though. I didn't plan my time very well in the morning or I could have gotten at least a four-mile walk in. Must. Do. Better.

I'm making pretty good progress on the Diamond Patch sweater. The first six diamonds, which make up the lower edge, are done and I've started connecting them. The scan at the right shows two of the lower-edge diamonds connected by one of the second tier.

This scan does not show how slinky, shiny and dressy the ribbon is. It's quite a pain to work with, but I'm sure the finished sweater will be worth all the swearing.

I'm nearly finished with the front of the Shapely Tee. Just another inch or so and I can bind off the front neckline and do the shoulders.

Sparkpeople had a good article yesterday, about involving others in your weight-loss process. As you regulars know, I live a pretty isolated life, so you are my "others." I'm really glad you're out there. Here's a Friday quote to think about:

" 'Independence'... [is]
middle-class blasphemy.
We are all dependent
on one another,
every soul of us on earth.

G.B. Shaw, Pygmalion, 1912


Marilyn B. said...

Debbi, do you have the ribbon yarn unrolling from the ball or tube? I've not done it but have read it is easier if you run a straight knitting needle thru the center of the tube or ball and place it horizontally in a shoe box to let it unwind that way. Needle thru shoe box, then thru the yarn, then thru the other side of shoe box. The sweater looks great. How far down on the arm does the sleeve come. My old upper arms aren't very pretty but like the looks of the sweater otherwise.

iportion said...

I love your blog title. I don't knit but have made some tries. I wish there was a knitting work out :-)

PS a short walk is better than no walk.