Thursday, June 08, 2006

We have ourselves a mystery

I picked up the mail a couple days ago and among the bills, magazines and junk bulk-rate material was a box from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I didn't recall ordering anything from them, nor have I entered any contests giving away their products.

In the box were two skeins of
yummy [an aside: Have you ever noticed how knitters described colors and patterns in terms that relate to food?] Socks That Rock hand-dyed yarn, in the Sherbet and Lemongrass [food! again!] colorways. No card, no note, no invoice – no clue who sent them. I called the company; they're not telling.

The Spousal Equivalent would have no idea how to order such a gift. My daughter might, my son wouldn't, and neither would be likely to surprise me with such a treasure. So the most likely suspects have been eliminated.

All of my good friends have denied responsibility. I think I know who sent it, but I've not heard back from her yet. Needless to say I am delighted with the gift … but I'd love to know who to thank!

Cara has long sung the praises of Socks That Rock, and one of my good friends told me I'd love using it. I'll probably make a pair of Grumperina's famous Jaywalker socks from one of the skeins. And I think I'll use my own pattern at Elann for the other. Unless you have other suggestions. Do let me know if you've used STR in a different and very cool pattern.

If you're reading and wish to remain anonymous, well, thank you so much!

I met my deadline for the DVD project and will put it in the mail today. There's no time for revisions, so I hope the client likes it. It's for her parents' 50th wedding anniversary, she has three siblings, and the project included more than 200 photos and 12 songs. Needless to say, it took some time to put it all together.

The only thing I've done other than work on the project the last three days has been laundry and my morning walk. I ate sporadically and not much, since I haven't been to the grocery in so long. I sure felt like eating last night when I was finally finished! Accomplishment equals reward equals food. I'll have to work on changing that equation.

I'm really pleased, though, that I insisted on walking every day. I've logged 13 miles this week so far, and yesterday did four miles in 55 minutes, but I couldn't manage to jog all the way up the hill. I did try on some of my stashed-in-the-closet-until-I-get-smaller clothes, though, and it's time to get rid of some more jeans.

Color me happy as a clam!

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Laura Bora from Bufadora said...

That Lemongrass is GORGEOUS!

What a thoughtful surprise!! I have a friend who sends me books without telling me. We'll be talking and I'll mention I'm interested in something, ANYTHING, and lo, a few days later there's a book in my mailbox with a strange return address. She uses or eBay. I've been trying to find a way to get her back...I'm listening to her all the time but she never says she wants anything!!