Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I've mentioned previously that when I started using an exercise ball as a desk chair, I found I couldn't knit and read e-mail/blogs at the same time. I've consequently not been getting quite as much knitting done as I used to, since I spend a good two or three hours at the computer every morning catching up with what the rest of you have been doing while I was sleeping.

So I tried it again this morning. And either my ass isn't quite so fat or my balance on the ball must be getting much better, because I can do it! Here's the proof:

Photos such as the one displayed here aren't possible without a tripod. I love my new tripod. It's just an inexpensive model I picked up at Target a couple months ago, but it's so lightweight and easy to manipulate, compared to the old one my dad gave me that he found at a yard sale for a buck. Gotta love the price, but I never used it because it was heavy and clumsy. It's good to have good tools.

Oh, what a perfect segue into a discourse about the tools we use to lose weight. Or the tools we use to knit. But, c'mon … I know that you know everything you need to know about weight-loss tools:
You can, I'm sure, add to the list. [And you can, I'm sure, Google to find links to online counters and calculators.]

As for knitting tools, my personal opinion is that knitting needles, a blunt-tipped sewing needle, counters, ring markers, scissors and a measuring device will get you through just about any knitting situation. But there are plenty of manufacturers and entrepreneurs out there offering cute new toys in exchange for your yarn money.

So I don't want to talk about tools. I want to talk about non-scale victories [or NSVs, as they're known in the weight-loss world. But do you have any idea how many other NSVs there are?].

I took a ring to a jeweler to be resized yesterday. When it was purchased, just a couple of weeks ago, it was too small. The jeweler slipped it on my finger and said she didn't think it should be resized at all, especially if I was losing weight. A ring should fit a bit snugly, she said; you should have to tug a little to get it off.

So I went shoe-shopping, since I saved all that money not getting the ring resized. And the shoes I bought are a size smaller than the last pair. Same brand. Plain old knockaround tennis shoes [not athletic trainers]. I also bought three inexpensive tank tops in size L [not XL]. Now y'all know that inexpensive clothes are sized bigger than expensive clothes. So I was fully prepared to buy XLs. They were too big!

I think I'll clean out my dresser drawers today, and only put back what fits now. That'll give me lots more room. I can definitely see myself going shopping again. Soon.


Anonymous said...

Debbi -

You look great!


Marilyn B said...

Great picture, the weight loss is showing. What is RMR calculator? Just isn't ringing a bell for me this morning. I DO love those scales, might just have to get one.

Debbi said...

Those scales are on my wish list, too.

RMR is Resting Metabolic Rate: the number of calories your body burns doing absolutely nothing. I linked that item to an online calculator. Building muscle raises that rate ... a good incentive for hoisting dumbbells!

Stretchy said...

You look fantastic. I have to get a balance ball to sit on now! As for shopping, ENJOY!

Mar!a said...

Being a smaller size is WAY better than any number of pounds lost!

Greta said...

I am glad you are buying some new clothes to fit your new slimmer body. You ARE looking terrific! I passed a knitting store today in Orinda, CA and they had a big sign in the window "Learn to Knit". I thought of you and gave consideration to learning to knit. I think I'd find it fun. I knitted a scarf once when I was a child so I have an idea of what it's like. I have been enjoying looking at the patterns you are doing and the creations you are working on and I do find it facinating.