Monday, June 19, 2006

Larry Bird's number

Back when the Boston Celtics were playing good basketball, I was one of their biggest fans. Larry Bird was a huge part of their success in the '80s, along with Robert Parish, Danny Ainge, Dennis Johnson, Kevin McHale and Bill Walton. [I did not Google any of those names … it's amazing the things the more … ahem … mature brain retains.]

So when I got on the scale this morning for the weekly weigh-in, and saw that I'd lost two more pounds[!] for a total of 33, the first thing I thought of was Larry Bird's number.

Sometimes I wish I had those smiley emoticons, so you'd know I was making a joke. Written out like this, it looks pretty lame.

I walked 34 miles this week, which tops my previous total high by a mile. Average daily calories were again a little low, at 1127. I burned an average of 569 calories per day doing an average of 93 minutes of daily intentional exercise.

For some knitting news, I finished the Krista Tee, and I don't care for it at all. I thought from the get-go that a gauge of 4 stitches per inch was too bulky for such a delicate-looking top, and I was right. Not sure if I'll pitch it or unravel it; it's Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, so not hard to come by, and only three skeins, so not much to sacrifice if I do throw it away. I might do Krista again when I get to my goal weight, after refiguring the math for a finer gauge.

I started – and started, and started – a Shapely Tank [a great, basic, free pattern by the designer of the Krista Tee], using a cotton yarn that is space-dyed in olive, sky blue and cream. I'd have saved some time by doing a gauge swatch. 'Nuff said about that!

I forgot to mention that on one of my walks earlier this week I rounded a curve and saw a neighbor walking what looked like a very large black dog. Think Great Dane-sized. Turns out it was a calf [I thought of you, Amanda!] that had gotten through a neighbor's fence. It had been grazing – and bellowing for its mother – under her bedroom window all night, and at 6:30 in the morning she'd had enough, and started herding it home. I caught up with her and we found five more cows in the woods. The whole herd had been out whooping it up all night.

Sandy asked in a recent comment who my PushTV trainer was. My first DVD came Saturday, but I haven't opened it yet, so I'm not sure! I'll report later … probably much later, as it's been much more fun walking outside than working out indoors. But it's gotta rain sooner or later, and I'll check it out then.


Greta said...

I've been silently enjoying your blog for a few weeks since I saw it mentioned on Jonathan's blog. We are similar age (I was born 5/31/51) though I live in the Middle of Somewhere here east of San Francisco in a densely populated county of over a million people. I really admire what you are doing. WOW, an average of 1127 calories a day last week PLUS you burned an average of 569 calories a day!! That's an amazing feat and you deserve to lose a LOT of weight for all that effort. Congratulations on the 33 pounds lost so far. Great job!

Debbi said...

Thanks for your comment, Greta! If I were 20 years younger I'd probably be losing a lot more, and a lot more quickly. There really is something to the slowdown of metabolism that goes along with the aging process. Darn it!