Monday, February 11, 2008

Still digging …

Not much going on around the Middle of Nowhere. Still working on reducing the office clutter. Perhaps I should work on reducing hobbies, as well. Stuff for hobbies takes up lots o' space. How many years do I have left, really, to make polymer clay buttons? And I keep adding new hobbies – at least with photography it's all digital and the only space I'm taking up is on my hard drive.

I ran not at all this weekend, but here's the interesting thing: I've actually lost a couple more pounds. [There I go again, jinxing myself.] It's very weird to see a new number on the scale almost every day. It was up today, but we ate out yesterday and, like M@rla, restaurant food and I don't get along.

So here's what I've been doing, foodwise, since we got back from sunny Florida. I came home with fresh citrus, and have been eating either half a grapefruit or a whole orange in the morning. Sometimes I add a string cheese, but not always. I follow that with whatever exercise I'm going to do that day and then I have some Greek-style yogurt with a handful of trail mix afterward. [I ate the last of the yogurt today … sob!] This keeps me satisfied until dinner.

Did you read that? A small bowl of yogurt and trail mix satisfies me all day! Unbelievable.

Dinners have been reasonable amounts of whatever healthful thing I feel like fixing: black bean soup, pasta primavera, broiled chicken, etc., and I don't eat anything else after dinner.

I'm going to keep up this regimen the rest of the month, as much as I possibly can. [There will be another blog break this weekend so Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I can visit the triplets' parents-to-be.] Hopefully I'll continue to see losses in the next couple weeks and will have good news the first of March.

If I didn't jinx myself. Heh.


Wen said...

Nice to find you! We're in the same boat, so to speak! I'll be reading along!

Grumpy Chair said...

I'm not going to jinx you by you know . . . so I will just say, Yippie!!!

Laura N said...

That is super great news about the scale playing along with your efforts. I think it means you need to take more trips to Florida. =)