Thursday, February 07, 2008

Moving Day, Part Deux

I've spent some of this dreary day moving the computer equipment yet again. Thus, no early-morning post. Not posting first thing today is a prelude to switching to evening posting. I think.

My computer system includes a tower, a large CRT monitor, a keyboard, two printers, a scanner and a variety of other smaller peripherals plugged into a couple of surge protector strips. And a hub, since the tower doesn't have nearly enough USB ports.

The office is 25x30 feet, the east wall of which is almost all countertop mounted on a variety of base cabinets. The computer and its attendant accessories used to be on the right side of the counter, and I felt like they kind of assaulted anyone who opened the door at the top of the stairs. Everything is now on the left side of the counter, certainly not out of sight but at least not the first thing you see when you enter the room.

I still need to get a printer cart. The two printers take up a lot of valuable real estate on the countertop, and I think having them out of the way would be good.

What remains to be done, in the way of organizing stuff around here, is culling crap from filing cabinets and figuring out where the rest of the supplies in my old office can live in the new office. That'll take some time.

And, finally, once we have an empty room in the house again, we'll be able to create a nice, cozy little den. I'm looking forward to that.

I'm also looking forward to a longer run tomorrow. I ran out of gas on the treadmill this morning only a little over two miles into the run. Temperatures should be warmer tomorrow and I might get to run outside with my new friend.


ws said...

and to think, I fit my whole life into an area only slightly larger than your office. and most of mine is empty space.

Lori said...

Maybe you can find something that's like a printer cart but with extra shelves and/or drawers that would make more space. I guess I'm saying, think about maybe some kitchen carts or something. You never know.

I hope you have a great run today. You've been pretty busy with this move so I can understand you running out of gas. :-)

I guess I'll measure my desk and offer it up for free on the freecycle group. I needed a reminder that I wasn't quite finished.