Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You may have noticed …

a decided lack of weight-loss/running content here in the Middle of Nowhere lately. I think I've mentioned that I'm only going to report weight changes the first of each month. Or as close to the first as I can. I wasn't here the first of February, won't be here the first of March and might not be here the first of April. I love Mr. Shrinking Knitter's retirement!

As for running content, the last really good run I had was in Florida, and that happened almost three weeks ago. Needless to say [but I'm saying it anyway] my training for CMM isn't going so well. Mr. SK and I decided that since the triplets could come any time from mid-April to late May, and we don't want to be away from home when the announcement comes, the best thing would be to cancel the spring race and sign up for a fall one.

Philadelphia, here I come! I haven't actually plunked down the cashmoneybucks yet, but I do feel somewhat relieved to have made a decision.

I'm hoping I can switch my Nashville registration to Philadelphia, thus eliminating the need for the plunking down of more cashmoneybucks. I've e-mailed to see if that's possible, but I haven't heard back yet.

The Middle of Nowhere isn't the best place to train for either a spring or a fall race – too cold/snowy/icy in the winter, leading up to an April event, and too blasted hot in the summer, preparing for an autumn race. Oh. Well.

The other cool thing about not doing a spring race is it gives me more time to really work on weight loss, something that tends not to happen during training. You'd think that if you were running an average of four miles a day, week after week for four months, you might lose a pound or 10. That hasn't happened for me. But not training has resulted in a modest weight loss so far this year, and I'll take it.

So that's what's up with that.

I ate an evening snack last night, for the first time in quite a while. It won't become a habit, I can assure you, but it was fun to act like a "normal" person and have a bowl of popcorn while watching election returns.

Isn't that what the rest of you normal people do? Heh.


Anne M. said...

Makes sense to me that you would delay racing until a time after the triplets arrive. You definitely need to be available for that!

I remember from what you said last year that the weight wasn't falling off during your training period even though you were doing serious workouts. So I think you're right that not training so intensely will give you a chance to concentrate on the other for now.

Not reporting weight changes all the time seems like a good plan to me. Things are so changeable day by day that I'd rather focus - for myself - on a longer time frame to see what's really happening. So I perfectly understand what you're thinking :)

Grumpy Chair said...

Great plan! Hope you don't have to put down any more cashmoneybucks and the Nashville race will transfer to Philly.

I think I would have to choose holding one of those triplets instead of training for a race. And now you won't have the added stress of being away around the time of their birth.

I know it must be frustrating to train and be able to run miles upon miles and not see the scale move.

Here's to working on our weight loss!

Laura N said...

That sounds like a very sane plan. Good for you for making the decision. I can relate on the lack of quality runs. Mine are so spotty lately, it's killing me. At least my race isn't until May and it's "only" a half.

Mary Gee said...

I think fall races are fabulous. It is a far more important thing to be available to your family.

Lori said...

I think you are quite smart to look at what's going on in your life and making adjustments. I know you'll be needed when the triplets come home.

I would imagine a fall race would be lots more fun and easier to train for than one taking place soon. The weather's so cruddy and spotty and iffy -- how can anyone do this unless they live in a wonderful year-round climate?